Body Works

60 minutes of cardio and sculpting using light weights and compound movements proven to incinerate fat. Three intensity levels are given for all fitness levels.

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Body Flex/Abs

Keep upper and lower body muscles in top condition by using light hand weights and body weight, with a strong emphasis on proper form.


A 60-minutes class that focuses on building, shaping and toning a strong booty and core.

(New Members Only)


A stretch class that includes some Pilates and yoga moves for core conditioning to lengthen, strengthen, and elongate the muscles. We incorporate balance moves and breathing techniques for stress relief and relaxation.

Cycle & Weights

Your two favorite classes combined into one dynamic fat burning session. Starts off with 15 minutes of spin and transitions, then we head to the floor for weights (set up 15 minutes before class starts).

Group Cycle

Low impact cardiovascular class that focuses on endurance and strength intervals. High intensity and recovery using music for motivation. This class is an excellent way to burn calories and relieve stress!

Gentle Stretch

Slow and easy movements to gently stretch and lengthen the muscles for all levels of fitness, along with balance and breathing exercises.

Mixed Low Impact Cardio

A low impact aerobic class with various types of muscular strength, balance and abdominal exercises using light weights, resistance bands, and body bars. Complete with a cool down stretch!

Power Sculpt

Upper and lower body muscle conditioning using hand weights, barbells, stability balls and body weight.

Yoga Fusion

A blend of different practices used with yoga, such as Qi Gong and other healing modalities. Each Friday is different and challenging.


A flowing journey through poses that cultivate flexibility and balance, reduce stress and detoxify your body and mind.


The perfect combination of fun and fitness! You will experience a Latin-inspired cardio workout with different types of rhythms and choreographed steps for a fun party atmosphere.